128 tick

Is 64 tick not enough? Our servers are running 128 tick which means that the server update 128 times per second - twice as many times as a 64 tick server.

Free MySQL

Does a plugin require access to a SQL database? When ordering your server, you get access to a MySQL database which you can control with phpMyAdmin.

CSGO Workshop

No need to download maps to get them on your server - create an Workshop Collection with your maps and add them to your command line!


DDOS Protection

480Gbit/s Protection

Best Hardware

The best quality hardware

Advanced Panel

Fits your needs


  • CS:GO

  • kr4/slot
  • Laggfri server
  • 64, 102.4 eller 128 tickrate
  • Workshop integration
  • Lav ping
  • TCAdmin kontrolpanel
  • Gratis MySQL
  • 24/7 support
  • Daglige backups
  • Instant setup
  • Order Now

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