Install Oxide from our control panel and download plugins to Oxide directly from the control panel. Our automatic plugin installer makes it easy to mod your server.

Free MySQL

Does a plugin require access to a SQL database? When ordering your server, you get access to a MySQL database which you can control with phpMyAdmin.

Server Wipes

You can wipe the server from our control panel. You can either choose whether you want to wipe your map, if you want to wipe blueprints, or if you want to wipe it all!


DDOS Protection

480Gbit/s Protection

Best Hardware

The best quality hardware

Advanced Panel

Fits your needs


  • Rust

  • kr110/md
  • Laggfri server
  • uMod
  • Lav ping
  • TCAdmin kontrolpanel
  • Gratis MySQL
  • 24/7 support
  • Daglige backups
  • Instant setup
  • Order Now

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