Right of Cancellation

  1. As a customer at Prima Servers you have 14 days to cancel the service, provided that the service has not been used. As soon as you start using the server, you waive your right of withdrawal and the paid amount can no no longer be refunded.
  2. You will not be able to have the service changed in case you ordered a wrong one once it has been used. If you order Service A, it cannot be changed to Service B once you have started using it.

Price Alterations

  1. Prima Servers reserves the right to make alterations in prices at any time without warning. Renewal of an existing product will be calculated using the prices from once the first payment was done. However, if a client upgrades or downgrades the service, all new prices will be calculated using current prices.
  2. Prima Servers are not obliged to refund any payments from earlier orders at any lower acquisitions of prices.
  3. Prima Servers makes reservations for typographical errors.


  1. Any customer can cancel their service(s) at any time. When the service is cancelled, it will automatically be terminated at the end of the billing periodes unless the client choses otherwise. The client takes all responsibility for cancelling their service.
  2. If the client has not paid the due amount on due date, the service will be suspended at 00:00 CET. The service will remain suspended for 30 days where the client can still pay for the service, but after that the service will be terminated.


    Credit Card
    1. All payments are encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. If the client chooses to save the card information for further payments, the data will be handled by gateway provider. We only store the last 4 cifers of your card number. If possible, your service(s) will automatically be renewed 1 day before due date.
    1. If the clients chooses to use PayPal as a gateway, Prima Servers handles none of the data. All data will be secured by PayPal. If the client creates a pre authorized payment using PayPal, the client takes full responsibility to cancel this once their service at Prima Servers is cancelled/terminated/stopped. Prima Servers will not refund any money transfered due to pre authorized payments that was not cancelled on time.
    Bank Transfer
    1. When using a bank transfer, the instant setup does not apply. The service will first be deployed Prima Servers can confirm the payment.
    2. The owner of the bank account should be the same person who are registered on Prima Servers.


    3rd party software:
    1. Prima Servers are not obliged to offer support on 3rd party software. For the same reason, Prima Servers can not be held responsible for any damage caused by a third party, no matter what the publisher of the software states.
    General Support:
    1. The client can always contact Prima Servers' support team, either by ticket/email or - if online - the Live Chat team. Prima Servers are guaranteeing a response within 24 hours. If the client needs help with a service that requires Prima Servers' support team to access the client's account, the client needs to be logged in on the client area.

Fair Use - disk space:

  1. The client has generally unlimited disk space at Prima Servers, regardless of which service the client pays for - as long as the client is able manage it fairly. Having 50GB of backup files is not allowed. The client will be sharing the disk space with other clients. If the client fails to comply with this and does not react on Prima Servers' inquiries, Prima Servers' will restrict the given client's disk space. Prima Servers reserves the right to cancel the client's service in extreme situations.